Research topics

I belong to EuroMov Digital Health in Motion (DHM), a scientific merger between researchers interested in the discovery of the sensorimotor markers of health and researchers in cognitive automation. This team follows three research themes and I am involved in the learning and complexity (LAC) one as well as in the SemTaxM axis.
Involved within decision process, human operators often face up to huge data, that have to be analyzed and synthetized in a very short time. It is thus necessary to automate some cognitive tasks.
To this end, domain ontologies may be used as semantic guidelines, in several phases of this process:

Indexing and semantic navigation over multimedia data;
Knowledge extraction from texts (Truth Discovery, Uncertainty detection);
Knowledge and conceptual maps visualization and interaction;
Semantic measures calculus;
Conceptual Information Retrieval;
Identifying reliable information.

Using the graph structure of ontologies we proposed several efficient algorithms, for example for sub-ontology extraction, similarity estimation or information retrieval.


National collaborations
These works are conducted together with internal collegues, Sébastien Harispe, Andon Tchechmedjiev, Nicolas Sutton-Charani, Julien Lagarde, Jacky Montmain, Stefan Janaqi, Gérard Dray, Michel Crampes and academic partners, in particular with Vincent Ranwez (Montpellier SupAgro), Isabelle Mougenot (UMR Espace DEV) or Patrice Bellot (LSIS).

International collaborations
Some works have also been developed in collaboration with Rovira i Virgili University and in particular David Sanchez and Montserrat Batet (2012-2014).
In spring 2014 Olivier Biberstein joined the team for 6 months.


For our development contribution please visit:
Semantic Measure Library SML (developed by Sébastien Harispe)
Conceptual Information Retrieval applied to genes: OBIRS (developed by Mohameth François Sy)
Universal Semantic Indexer USI (developed by Nicolas Fiorini)
and for sub-ontology extraction (OntoFocus) or semantic distance (OntoDist) see the team website.
Some of our tools (OBIRS, OntoFocus) are also used within the PhylARIANE project or on the OrthoMam website

Industrial partnership

Historically close to industry, our lab manages its research in response to partners problematics within european or national project (French ANR/RIAM), rigional ones (Languedoc-Roussillon region) or through technologic incubator of école des mines d’Alès.
Here some of our industrial or academic partners: e.+, Solunea, Owanis consulting (projet DOCALIS), Inserm (for which we developed collaborative plateforms for ITS, IHP or Cancer), CEA (see the collaborative platform ToxNuc), Nétia, I-Nova, SAP CEC Karlsruhe.

Dernière mise à jour : 07/05/2021